Griff’s Compounding Center

At Griff’s Compounding Center, we are an independently owned compounding pharmacy dedicated to the provision of personalized medications to meet the unique needs of our patients. Compounding pharmacies are a highly specialized discipline requiring training, dedication, creativity, and a solid knowledge of treatment options.

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Guaifenesin/Menthol Cr 10gm Guaifenesin/Ibuprofen Cr 10gm
Our Price: $10.60
Our Price: $12.98
topical muscle relaxant/analgesic 10, 30, 120gm topical muscle relaxant and anti-inflamatory 10, 30, 120gm
Adrenal C 150ct Meta I - 3 - C
Our Price: $38.95
Our Price: $28.25
The special way Adrenal C Formula® is formulated makes it a superior vitamin C supplement for general use as well as for stressful times, and quite different from plain ascorbic acid. healthy estrogen metabolism, breast cancer
Aids in prevention of estrogen related cancers.
Super Adrenal Stress Formula 150ct Ibuprofen Cr 60gm
Our Price: $51.95
Our Price: $38.90
supports adrenal function during times of stress
promotes normal adrenal hormone production topical anti-inflamatory 10, 30, 60, 120gm

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Our Price: $29.95