Griff’s Compounding Center

At Griff’s Compounding Center, we are an independently owned compounding pharmacy dedicated to the provision of personalized medications to meet the unique needs of our patients. Compounding pharmacies are a highly specialized discipline requiring training, dedication, creativity, and a solid knowledge of treatment options.

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Magnesium Chlelate 400 mg Guaifenesin/Menthol Cr 30gm
Our Price: $16.80
Our Price: $24.65
Supports sleep, muscle function, improves energy topical muscle relaxant/analgesic 10, 30, 120gm
Guaifenesin Cr 30gm Essentials Multi-Vit w/o Iron
Our Price: $21.90
Our Price: $24.50
topical muscle relaxant Promotes general health and the bodys ability to perform at peak levels,  Provides much higher amounts of vitamins and minerals than the minimal RDA levels.
Guaifenesin Cr 120gm Vit B-Complex 100mg
Our Price: $51.71
Our Price: $24.50
topical muscle relaxant Supports adrenal function 
Provides support during stress 
Supports energy production

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Our Price: $29.95